Anticipating a significant rise in air travel demand in the future, this project imagines a master plan for a city airport that fully integrates itself into an urban context. It imagines a time when aviation technology might be advanced enough so that airports, aircraft and cities can coexist at a more friendly level. 

Micro-terminals could replace mega terminals that lack human scale, city wide baggage systems add efficiency to the process, personal rapid transit systems, and shorter runways could slot into an urban context. In order to satisfy demand and address the increasing importance of airports on local economies, capacity in the industry needs to increase. But airports are long suffering under the strain of this increasing demand and are now isolated processing stations, restricted from growth by its neighbouring urban contexts. The negative effects of aviation on the environment and necessary security measures have caused this isolation. 

Airports need to adapt themselves to become more attractive gateways, enhancing user experience and capture as much of the growing air traffic demand as possible to in turn drive their local economies. Bring back the magic of flight!



Featured presentation at the Aerial Futures Symposium, Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

'The City Terminal Blurring the lines between the Airport & The City'

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